Trans Pack Warehousing, 3PL, Fulfillment and Distribution

Trans Pack Warehousing, 3PL, Fulfillment and Distribution

Trans Pack Warehousing Services to Reduce Your Costs

Warehousing and distribution services with Transit Air Cargo’s sister company, Trans Pack includes 3PL services and a streamlined E-commerce division that supporting ticketing, labeling, and hanger changes. These value added service further enhance your logistics experience with Transit Air Cargo.

Warehousing and distribution service include:
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Full service 3rd party logistics services
E-Commerce fulfillment
Client portal for inventory management
Fully EDI compliant
Bar-coding and scanning
Carton in and out program
Pick and Pack
Merge in transit from multiple suppliers
Multiple in-house transportation
Long and short term storage

Harbor drayage and local trucking programs
Quality control inspections

In addition, Transit Air Cargo provides a flexible spectrum of storage services worldwide for trade show booths, material, and cargo. This allows customers to save transportation costs by reducing the need to send their material back to their headquarters after every show. Transit Air Cargo has warehouse facilities throughout the USA, Canada and overseas. By offering storehouse, distribution and 3PL services with your logistics,Transit Air Cargo designed a program to reduce re-distribution costs, transportation and handling fees for customers.

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