Winter is Coming… Is Your Team Ready For Trade Show Season?

Summer is coming to an end and Winter is fast approaching… For many, that means nights in huddled by the fireplace with hot chocolate and a good TV show (Game of Thrones, anyone?), but for the rest of us in the trade show industry this means getting down to business and managing the many trade shows that are coming up on our calendar! Luckily, many of us have experienced and survived the cold blistering stress of Winter’s trade show season and have lived to share tips on how to best brace yourself for this upcoming season. | Continue Reading…

Getting Around the San Diego Convention Center!

A Quick Reference Guide to the San Diego Convention Center!

Located in the hub of a trendy, walk-able downtown, the San Diego Convention Center is located on the beautiful San Diego Bay, boasting 615,700 sq ft of exhibit floor space! With the convention center being conveniently located next to 1,300 hotel rooms, five-star dining, and world-class entertainment, the opportunities for adventure are endless in this city. When your adventure takes you outside of the immediate downtown, the San Diego Trolley system makes transportation quick and easy to other parts of the city!

Here is a brief overview of what San Diego has to offer both inside and outside of the convention center. You probably have your hands tied up in planning your trade show, so let us be your tour guide around when you actually get here.  Continue Reading…

Breaking It Down: Trade Show Planning Checklist 60 Day Countdown

Experience Matters| TAC’s Exhibitors Guide to Planning for a Trade Show.
May 31, 2017

We know preparing for a trade show can be stressful, especially as you get closer to that 60 day mark. That’s when your countdown begins, and everything feels real! Its time to start executing your plan. We are breaking it down to provide you with a checklist to stay organized and remain stress-free! Two months away from your show is plenty of time, so don’t panic. Transit Air has got your back!

Here are the four key actions you need to be focused on at this stage of your shipping and planning process: |Continue Reading…


Breaking it Down: Shipping to Advanced Warehouse vs Direct to Show

Experience Matters| TAC’s Exhibitors Guide to Planning for a Trade Show.
April 10, 2017

Planning for a trade show is a lot of work! Between the pre-during-post sales and marketing planning, layout/design of your booth, staff training, and (of course) the budget there is a lot to worry about. Then you receive the exhibitor packet, full of a new set of details, rules, and regulations set by the show organizers. Like we said…. it’s a lot to keep track of! 

So today we are going to help you understand the one thing most exhibitors struggle with when making their shipping plans. Choosing whether to ship your freight to the advanced warehouse or direct to the show site. It may seem confusing, but this guide will help clarify the two terms! |Continue Reading…


The Evolution of Women in Logistics 

How women are making a real impact in the Freight Forwarding Industry 
March 8, 2017

Since women joined the workforce in 1920, the role that they have played has evolved in substantial ways.  Today, women make up 40 percent of the world’s workforce with approximately 72 million in America, alone. Although women still hold most female centered positions, i.e. administrative assistants, registered nurses, we are seeing an exponential growth in females occupying many industries and positions, once dominated solely by men. One industry of which is the Freight Forwarding/ Logistics Industry (FF&L).       |Continue Reading…

3 Tips To Simplify Your Trade Show Shipping

Experience Matters| TAC’s Exhibitors Guide to Planning for a Trade Show

February 1, 2017

Shipping and logistics could possibly be the most critical part of your trade show planning. It can be confusing and complicated, but we’re a logistics company! Naturally, we’ll have a few tips for you to save you some stress when it comes to preparing your materials for shipping. |Continue Reading…



Logistics Nightmares: How to Avoid a Trade Show Horror Story!


Halloween is upon us, which is nearing the end of the busy trade show season. Just like any good horror film not everyone survived. Those who lived to tell their story have tips on how to make it through the sequel (aka next year) with your sanity still in tact. Here are some common mistakes that customers make when it is time to handle their logistics and how Transit Air Cargo helps to prevent them. | Continue Reading…

Jim Khodayar Memorial Golf Tournament Benefiting The American Cancer Society


jk-golf-fb-flierGolf for a Cause!

Transit Air Cargo is excited to announce and invite you to the Inaugural Jim Khodayar Golf Tournament Benefiting the American Cancer Society, which was held Friday, September 23, 2016 at Tijeras Creek Golf Club, in Rancho Santa Margarita.

This Tournament paid tribute to our former President Jim Khodayar, who lost his battle with Cancer in 2009. If you had the pleasure of knowing Jim, you undoubtedly knew that he loved his family, his staff, and the game of Golf! His daughter Tania, recalls that if her father was not at the office or home, you could always find him golfing at Tijeras Creek. “He would go alone and say he knew at least one of his friends would be there….and there always was!”| Continue Reading…


Getting Around the Baltimore Covention Center

A quick reference guide to the Baltimore Convention Center

BaltimoreBaltimore Convention Center

The Baltimore Convention Center is the premier location for conventions, trade shows and expositions in the Mid-Atlantic Region. From the world renowned Inner Harbor to historic Little Italy, attendees can relax after a day on the trade show floor with a variety of attractions. 1,225,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space and the connected Hilton Baltimore hotel make the convention center convenient in a city rich with history, food, sports and fun!

This is a quick overview of the Baltimore Convention Center. | Continue Reading… 

Getting Around the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

A Quick Reference Guide to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center



As one of the top destinations for trade shows and conventions, in one of the most storied and historical cities, the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center also boasts 1.1 million square feet of exhibit space. It is the 6th largest convention center in the United States and continually ranks in the top ten for the most sought after trade show venues. It is named after a former mayor of New Orleans. Its history includes being an evacuation center after Hurricane Katrina and was completely renovated by late 2006.

This guide serves as a quick overview of  the facility. | Continue Reading…